Mason's Bridge Yard Gallery

GP7 no.5772 switches a reefer car.
A mail van waits at the grade crossing whilst C&O 0-8-0 no.360 departs the yard.
C&O BL2 no.1845 awaits it's next duty.
C&O RS1 no.5501 places an empty box car at the Virginia Western Meat Co. The C&O only had 2 RS1's on it's books, and only lasted a couple of years before being sold off.
RS1 no.5501 waits for no.360 to switch it's gondola train to the furniture company siding
A covered hopper is placed in the Burns Light & Power siding to collect ash from the power station. A few of the industries on my layouts have a connection to my love of Film & TV, in this instance, from The Simpsons.
Fred and George seem to be completely oblivous that their break time is over, much to the dismay of their boss.
A busy time at Mason's Bridge Yard. The depot building in the foreground is completely scratchbuilt from plasticard.
The bridge which gives Mason's Bridge Yard it's name.
Another view of the bridge, and the power station to the left.
A view across Mason's Bridge Yard. The building between the 2 diverging tracks is Jim's Printing.
A view across the tracks from Jim's Printing with a C&O SW7 switching a box car in the distance.